Friday, March 30, 2007

Just General Thoughts Today

First thing I saw when I sat down at my computer was a rejection email for a job I applied for last night. Then I went through some Freecycle emails. Freecycle is a program where you can recycle your "stuff". People post up on a yahoo group what they are looking for, what they are offering, etc. I've been posting some items up there - as I go through the house and we decide on some things that we aren't going to bother to take. People just come to the house and pick up the stuff once I select them. I am too lazy for a garage sale I think.

I've been able to help some people out so that's been kind of nice. A lady whose stuff was damaged because the apartment building caught fire, a really cool 77 year old lady who wants to use her computer but can't see the screen so good - she got dh's older 20" monitor. A foster mother looking for some bedroom stuff for a child she is taking in. So there's an upswing to the mood!

The real estate market here isn't so good. We aren't going to get hit hard on selling the house but we are going to be lucky to break even (that's taking into account painting and repair work we need to do to get it sell-able) . That makes for a kind of down swing to the move.

I had an action list all done - that kept me busy and that was an upswing to the mood. Now I'm waiting for others to call back and the days to get here when they come to give estimates so that adds impatience to the move.

And of course it's Friday so the job postings are dismal - the weather isn't as nice as yesterday. Maybe I should get some boxes and just start some of the packing.

It looks like May 15th is the date. I'll post if it changes. Oh and look at the bar stools in the kitchen photo. I asked the real estate agent if I could buy those off the owner since they were kind of meant to be with the counter and also if they wouldn't consider leaving the porch table and chairs.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

that's probably about all I should post - the others have their stuff still in them and it wouldn't be kosher. Oh! and I guess I should post here too that they accepted the offer!!

Come June at the latest this is my house!!

here is a pic taken from the other side of the green porch. if you look straight ahead you can see the golf course

this is a little view from the back yard taken from the screened porch

Let's see what else I can post without being too invasive. This is the kitchen. direct through is the dining room. Right behind is a breakfast nook area with room for another table and lots of windows. to the right of the breakfast nook is a hall with the garage door entrance, bathroom, laundry room and a "bedroom" / now dh's office

this is just up the steps (which are to the left of the pic) and facing toward the entrance. there's a cool little loft/shelf area

this is going to be my scrap area. if you look at the first pic and see the window over the garage that's where the window in the pic is!

Here is a pic of the house. whatcha think?

OK Here we go!

We put in an offer on a house. I'll post up some picks later if it goes well. Keep your fingers crossed everyone!

I'm nervous! It's so ... final I guess. We are really really going now!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tangled Tuesday

Here it is Tuesday. We decided on a house we liked on the way back. Two days later and we are still trying to find out information on a fence for the property so that we can make an offer. This is getting a little frustrating. I suppose that is the price you pay for going into an HOA neighborhood.

The kids will appreciate the pool, though, since we have a neighborhood pool here.

On the other hand, the weather is gorgeous today. I sat outside with the dogs a bit this morning. I spent most of the afternoon helping at the school Book Fair.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Dear Missy

have I mentioned that if I get this house, there is a Sonic that will be two miles from me???

Today was a busy day

We decided, after taking this trip that the move is on - whether I get the job or not. For better or for worse we are about to make a big change in our lives. The phone has been going non-stop between the realtor and the mortgage people. We have an agent coming out on Friday to do a market assessment on this house. I need to clean clean clean!

It's scary when the concept becomes more of a reality!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

And Home Again

The ride home was uneventful. In a nutshell we found a house we really really want but it's not really practical to get - don't you hate that?? We found another possibility. The neighborhood isn't bad and one corner of the lot looks out on a golf course. The square footage is fine - enough to keep a scrap space (that's IMPORTANT!). We need to double check and see if fences are allowed. If they are, we may offer for it. We also found one that was being built that we liked, but it was taken. We are waiting to here from the builder if any more are going up like that.

Interviews - first one went ok. But they told me in the interview they were moving further out and they lowballed the salary so it isn't going to work out even if they do offer. The second one I have NO idea how it went. I am well qualified for it. I guess we will wait and see.

But all in all I guess it went ok. We know jobs are there we have a very good idea of the neighborhood and the general area we like. It'll be a hike to jobs we may find but that's ok.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


We looked at some houses in a new development today after interviews. I have NEVER seen houses built so close together except for maybe when I've walked around Boston. Seriously - no yards to speak of and the houses were literally on top of each other!

In My Mind I'm Going to Carolina

Here are some random items/thoughts from the trip down:

- I passed a church that was actually a trailer. that amused me
- I was driving behind a pickup truck. There were two guys in it and "something" in the middle. I couldn't tell if it was a short third guy with really funky ears or a dog. I passed them. It was a short dude with funky ears.
- I was travelling down 77 just south of the WV border next to an 18 wheeler. All of a sudden there was a BIG bang. For several heart stopping seconds I thought I blew a tire. Then tire debris starting flying from the truck at me causing a few more heart stops. I floored it and got the heck out of the way.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cleaning most of the day today, nothing exciting. My daughter has been claiming she doesn't go onto My Space following my rule but we've found a page she said up there. Where's the banging head emoticon??

Sunday, March 18, 2007

How I spent my Sunday

I drank some coffee while checking out the real estate ads and made a list of houses and prices of those that were for sale in my neighborhood. I must say it was a little distressing, once I actually noticed, how many ARE for sale in my neighborhood. I went through this as a little informal marketing analysis - and to meet real estate agents. I found two that might work well. One looks real promising as far as being willing to walk through and help make a list of things that need to be done to the house.

It's starting to sink in a little bit how much of a hassle this is going to be - eek.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well here it is

My first blog. It's a work in progress so far. Lot's to talk about I'm sure once I get started.