Thursday, August 30, 2007

I have entered anything in awhile I need to think of an update

............ school has started. Cassie is in High School this year. I suppose I need to say something like they grow so fast but I was already thinking that last year. Something about school and Cassie - she's all mouthy and snotty again. The thing I most miss about her growing up is the Sweet Girl. I'd love to have her back. Abigail is doing fine. She's got more homework than she's used to so it will be an interesting year for her.

............ soccer has also started. As it is right now we are at the soccer fields Tuesday through Thursday and again on Saturday. Hopefully that will settle down some once the games start!

It has been very hot and very dry here. I am looking forward to Fall and it cooling down some. We need rain badly - I wish we'd get some. It's been so bad here that the crops aren't doing well so there really hasn't been the abundance of fresh tomatoes, corn and veggies I so look forward to during the summer

The house next door sold - we'll have a new family moving in soon. I'm told there is a good possibility that the new family has kids. Abigail would be so happy if there was another girl. Our cul de sac is filled with boys. At least right now there are plenty of kids she can play with. It's rare that she goes out and can't find somebody to come out and play with her.

I think that's it. Still hunting for a job - not getting much nibbles and that's becoming very depressing. I try to remember how arbitrary it all is.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dog Baby

That's what David calls her. She prefers to be addressed as Princess. Her name, of course, is Anna. That could be Princess Anna in case she's reading this - lol! I thought I would post up some pics of her because the first one is just too cute. I'll add some snow pics to help y'all cool off! This morning aside - when she saw a cat and rammed her head on the porch door popping it open and taking after the cat at a dead run prompting me to chase after her in my Nightie - she's a good dog. Bichons, as I am fond of telling Schnauz enjoy an extended puppyhood (insert evil6 smilie here). I will have to say for the most part she's a sweet Dog Baby.