Saturday, July 5, 2008

No more Zoom Zoom

the Miata was sold yesterday. it makes me sad. I was teary eyed watching tatto boy drive away in it. why? because I have weird car attachment issues. The Miata and I went through much stress and turmoil so that I could prove to myself I could drive a stick even with my palsy. I'll give dh credit here. He challenged me. He knew I could do it even though I tried to hide. He gave me the Miata for incentive. She was a beautiful car.

Boy did we stall and squeal and buck around the neighborhood for a good few months! She stayed tried and true and I triumphed! well ok - I still have hill phobias. I need to work on that. Still - I did something that everyone told me I could never do. Go me!

So WHY did I sell the car? because dh went out and bought himself a new toy. He told me I could have his old toy or keep the Miata. the new toy being the yellow car in the background there. (how do you like dh's butt? rofl) ponder. ponder. ponder. I chose his old toy. (insert foolish guilt here)

So here's Parkie's new ride:

yes it's the blue one! big bonus - it's NOT a manual retractable top! stick it in neutral, press the button and voila! horsepower horsemower it's a lot more powerful car but the retractable top was the seller! and yeah ok it is DAMN fun to drive!

it has a hardtop that you can snap on during winter. here's a pic with the hard top.

kinda changes the look of the whole car doesn't it?? It's like having two cars in one! It is a whole lot more car to handle. I need to go find some hills and get over my phobia.

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